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Tastes of Saba

Saban Sea Salt is a one of a kind salt since it is made from the pure salty water not used in Saba's desaltination plant. Instead of flushing it out into the ocean again, it is extracted from the salty pure, clean overflow water.
Organic and award winning olive oil infused with Saban herbs and fruits used for bread dipping, salads or food or in your cooking.
Saban Chutneys and Jams made from all Saban ingredients such as passionfruit, pineapples, ginger, turmeriv, tomatoes, mangos etc. with Santo Domingo organic sugar.
Saban Teas inspired by Saban Bush Tea. Herbal Teas: the traditional Saban Bush Tea is made from what was available in the old gardens, a step away from the kitchen door, and could consist of only one ingredient e.g. Basil or Mint or a variety of herbs. Saban Rock Living has made its own version of Saban Bush Tea combining local ingredients to an amazingly refreshing tea served hot or cold. The teas I make depend on season and availability to organic and sustainable ingredients. Organic and sustainable green, white and black teas infused with Saban fruits and herbs.
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