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Natural candles. The most sought after scents are:

  • Sea Lavender
  • Saban Rosemary
  • Saban Lemon
  • Saban Lemon and Rosemary
  • Bug Off (insect repellent based on Lemon Eucalyptus essential o
  • Mystical Saba
  • Saban Passion
  • Saban Seas
  • Saban Banks
  • Saban Coconut
  • Saban Mist
  • Saban Man
  • Saban Gentleman
  • Floral Saba
  • Saban Coffee
  • Saban Vanilla
  • Saban Caramel
  • Just a Candle (fragrance free)
  • Saban Paths
  • Different aromatherpy infused candles


Seasonal scents such as pumpkin, pine tree, cookies etc.


SKU: 0002
  • Natural candles made from soy, coconut and/or besswaxes. Scented with essential oils or natural oils. They are hand poured in recycled or recycable glass.

    Spanish glass can be special ordered. Can be ordered in larger sizes as well as your own unique scent! Standard sizes are 4 and 8 oz.

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