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Saban Rock Living makes natural beauty products and soaps for all types of skin, hair and ages.

  • Soap Bars and Liquid Soaps 

  • Lotions, creams, oil and body butters

  • lip balms, iglosses,moisture salves

  • Sunscreens, after sun and sun block

  • Shaving gels, bars, oils, beard, mustache oils and waxes as well as after shaves

  • skin and hair hydrations mists

  • salves for skin ailments

  • Shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and hair wax

  • Essential oil perfumes

  • Organic essential oils and carrier oils

  • Salt scrubs, bath salts and foot soaks

Baby2 (1).JPG

SABAN Baby/Children/ Sensitive skin

Products especially made or babies, children and sensitive skin. All natural, fragrance free and mild.

  • Baby Wash & Shampoo

  • Baby cream,

  • Baby SunScreen,

  • Baby Diaper Balm


Essential oil candles, Saban ingreditents infused organic teas, jams, chutneys, interior and exterior decorations, soft, sustainable clothing and toys.

  • 100% soy, coconut or beeswax candles with pure essential oils and blends of oil and fragrances. All candles are hand poured into reusable and recycled/recycleable containers. Spanish glass used is 100% recycled glass.

  • candle scents are paired with perfumes, soaps and wellness products.

  • Natural cleaning products such as castile soap, laundry detergent and cleaning sprays

  • room odor neutralizers and linen sprays 

  • Children's toys made of re-purposed yarn and fabric

  • Crochet items made from re-purposed cotton or wool.

Furry Friends of Saba

Fur products for our furry friends as well as calmng sprays.

  • Tearless shampoo and conditions

  • sensitive skin shampoo and conditioner

  • fur sprays

  • paw balms

  • healing salves

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Saban Tastes

Unique Saban Sea Salt, infused oils and teas made on Saba.

  • Saban Sea Salt is a one of a kind salt since it is made from the pure salty water not used in Saba's desalination plant. Instead of flushing it out into the ocean again, it is extracted from the salty pure, clean overflow water.

  • Organic and award winning olive oil infused with Saban herbs and fruits used for bread dipping, salads or food or in your cooking.

  • Saban Chutneys and Jams made from all Saban ingredients such as passionfruit, pineapples, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, mangos etc. with Santo Domingo organic sugar.

  • Saban Teas inspired by Saban Bush Tea.

    • Herbal Teas: the traditional Saban Bush Tea is made from what was available in the old gardens, a step away from the kitchen door, and could consist of only one ingredient e.g. Basil or Mint or a variety of herbs. Saban Rock Living has made its own version of Saban Bush Tea combining local ingredients to an amazingly refreshing tea served hot or cold. The teas I make depend on season and availability to organic and sustainable ingredients.

    • Organic and sustainable green, white and black teas infused with Saban fruits and herbs.

Organic & natural


100% sustainable & locally grown


Saban Rock Living loves certified organic ingredients. All organic material/ingredients are marked with * before their names on labels, information and other written material.

Materials grown on Saba are not classified as organic, however, they are grown with natural fertilizers from local wild chickens in composted soil.

All products are made on Saba, Dutch Caribbean, using as many local and locally grown ingredients as possible as well as organic products, products originating from sustainable and certified origins.

Cruelty Free


Of course, never ever

tested on animals!

All products are tested by willing humans, all from different ages, backgrounds and heritages.

The pet products are tested on humans as well, with heavy research facts to support chosen ingredients. 

Reduce, Re-use, & recycled

Reducing, Re-using and recycling of materials found on Saba and by-materials such as packaging (glass, Heineken bottles, paper, biodegradable plastic etc) is a priority to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible. All other used by-products are recyclable and biodegradable.
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